Hospital IT Strategy Alignment Group

The Hospital IT Strategy Alignment Group (HIT-STAG) was formed at the conclusion of the first funding phase 2017-2020. At this point, it became evident that the aims of SPHN largely overlap with the University Hospitals internal efforts regarding data management and a close alignment of their IT strategies - between each other and with SPHN - is key to reach the common goals and shared benefit.

The HIT-STAG is composed of high-level representatives from the ICT department of each University Hospital, who have influence on IT-strategy priorities and ensure the alignment and implementation in their institution to pragmatically advance the SPHN goals.

In particular, the HIT-STAG has the following duties:

  • Advise the NSB and unimedsuisse subgroup on a roadmap with realistic goals, measures, milestones and deliverables for Hospital IT infrastructures for the Collaboration Agreements 2021-2024;
  • Align priorities of IT projects between UHs, considering feasibility and resources;
  • Monitor the implementation of agreed standards and infrastructures within UHs, based on qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Moreover, the HIT-STAG oversees and provides strategic advice to the activities of other Working Groups and Task Forces supporting SPHN from the hospital side, and is responsible for the approval of new SPHN Dataset releases in the realm of the SPHN Interoperability Framework.


Solange Zoergiebel
Head Data Science and Management, CHUV
Chair ad interim

Nicolas Rosat

Deputy Director of Information Systems, CHUV

Andreas von Ballmoos

Head of Insel Data Science Center (IDSC) Insel Gruppe AG

Michael Weisskopf

Head of Directorate Research and Education IT, USZ

David Cavin

Head of Application Service, HUG


Bram Stieltjes

Head Department for Research and Analysis Services, USB

Ex officio members


Dr. Katrin Crameri

Director of the Data Coordination Center

Dr. Thomas Geiger

Managing Director SPHN

Dr. Sarah Vermij

Scientific Coordinator SPHN

Permanent guests

  • Dr. Dominique Furrer (Product Line Manager Lehre und Forschung, Insel Data Science Center, Insel)
  • Patrick Hirschi (Team Lead Engineering DFL-IT, USZ)
  • Dr. Sabine Oesterle (ex officio, Lead Data Interoperability, PHI Group, SIB)
  • Dr. Jean Louis Raisaro (Data Science and Research Lead, CHUV)
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