Collaboratively implementing the mandate of the Swiss Personalized Health Network

Both the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) and the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics are responsible for the implementation of the mandate.

The SPHN Management Office (MO) together with the SIB Personalized Health Informatics Group (PHI) coordinate the funding and drive the development of coordinated infrastructures, compatible data management systems, interoperability of data and governance of guidelines.

In parallel, the PHI group sets up the BioMedIT network, a national IT infrastructure backbone, to enable nationwide health-data exchange for research. BioMedIT provides researchers all over Switzerland with access to a secure and protected computing environment for analysis of sensitive data without compromising data privacy. Nationally, scalably and sustainably.

Management Office (Bern)

Dr. Thomas Geiger

Managing Director
Thomas supports the NSB President in his functions and is responsible for the day-to-day management and good governance of the SPHN initiative.

Dr. Liselotte Selter

Scientific Coordinator, Deputy to the Managing Director
Liselotte uses her scientific background and organizational skills to communicate and coordinate operational SPHN activities.

Dr. Sarah Vermij

Scientific Coordinator
Sarah uses her scientific background and organizational skills to communicate and coordinate operational SPHN activities.

Christine Remund

Project administration specialist
Christine uses her accounting and organizational expertise to support the various MO activities and to manage the financial aspects of the initiative.

Management Office contact details for general inquiries: SPHN Email

Personalized Health Informatics Group (Basel)

Dr. Katrin Crameri, MPH

PHI Group
Full of energy and enthusiasm, Katrin leads the Data Coordination Center activities and the relations with the BioMedIT project.

Owen Appleton

Senior IT Services Manager
PHI Central Services
Owen’s experience in Service Management for research supports the professional delivery of services to the SPHN community.

Dr. Jan Armida

Scientific Coordinator
Data Interoperability Team
Jan brings all his passion and expertise to the SPHN task forces to advance FAIRifcation of health-related data.

Patricia Fernández Pinilla

Technical Coordinator
BioMedIT Team
Patricia brings in her technical background to help coordinate and support activities in the BioMedIT project.

Kristin Gnodtke

Senior Clinical Data Specialist
Data Interoperability Team
Kristin contributes to the selection, documentation and implementation of standards for clinical data interoperability within SPHN.

Sergio Guarino

Technical Coordinator
BioMedIT Team
Sergio brings his ICT and security background to help coordinate and support activities in the BioMedIT project.

Simone Guzzi

Full Stack Software Developer
BioMedIT Team
Simone brings his passion and knowledge in software development to the BioMedIT Interoperability Working Group, evolving and expanding BioMedIT project's services.

Dr. Petar Horki

Scientific Coordinator
PHI Central Services
Petar brings his engineering know-how, clinical data experience and passion for biomedical informatics to advance the SPHN interoperability goals.

Shubham Kapoor

Systems Architect, Team Lead
BioMedIT Team
Shubham brings in his Cloud, HPC & sensitive data processing expertise to architect BioMedIT’s secure computing environments.

Dr. Julia Maurer

Scientific Coordination Manager
PHI Central Services
Julia uses her experience and expertise using health-related data as a clinical researcher, to support/promote the ethical and legal questions in SPHN and BioMedIT.

Michael Müller-Breckenridge

Operations Officer
PHI Central Services
Michael's experience in administration, management and communication is all put to good use in support of PHI's diverse portfolio of activities.

Dr. sc. ETH Sabine Österle

Team Lead
Data Interoperability Team
Sabine oversees and manages the PHI portfolio and related activities towards achieving the interoperability goals in SPHN.

Dr. Vasundra Touré

Scientific Coordinator
Data Interoperability Team
Vasundra brings her expertise to implement RDF technologies to enhance the FAIRness of health-related data.

Deepak Unni

Scientific Coordinator
Data Interoperability Team
Deepak brings his experience working with semantic web technologies, building knowledge graphs, and implementation of FAIR data principles to augment the semantics and interoperability goals of SPHN.

Dr. Harald Witte

Senior Clinical Data Specialist
Data Interoperability Team

Contributors from SIB Legal funded through SPHN

Fréderic Erard, Head of Legal & Technology Transfer, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Mathilde Heusghem, Legal Officer, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Contributors as permanent consultants

Léon Hinderling, Data Interoperability Team, Trivadis, a part of Accenture

Philip Krauss, Data Interoperability Team, Trivadis, a part of Accenture

Roger Mathis, Data Interoperability Team, IT-Logix

Christian Ribeaud, BioMedIT Team, Karakun

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