Ongoing projects

Implementation projects

The SPHN implementation projects aim at developing the core infrastructure which is required to make health-related data FAIR* at the national level.

Using a top-down funding approach, the following implementation projects are currently ongoing:

*The FAIR principles require that data are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Sensitive health data cannot be openly accessible to third parties, but taking regulatory requirements into account, the data should be FAIR - also with reproducibility and sustainability in mind. The main goal of the FAIR principles is the optimal preparation of research data for reuse by humans and machines

Completed projects

Bottom-up funded projects

For more information about the completed Infrastructure development and Driver projects, which were funded in the frame of the Calls for proposals 2017 and 2018, please click here.

National Data Stream projects

Each National Data Stream (NDS) project comprises a Switzerland-wide multidisciplinary consortium that invests in the development of a sustainable data infrastructure for high-end data-driven and personalized health research. 

NDS will constitute central pillars of the SPHN health data ecosystem and the PHRT research platforms. In the long term, they shall serve as models and crystallization points for future research programs and clinical applications of personalized health.

NDS include clinical, analytical (such as multi-omics) and other data that will be enriched and made available to the research community. In addition, all NDS include patient and public involvement (PPI) in their projects.

NDS Lifetime Management Guidelines (version 01.05.2022)


Personalized, data-driven prediction and assessment of infection-related outcomes in Swiss ICUs (IICU)

Main PIs: Prof. Dr. Adrian Egli (USB) & Prof. Dr. Karsten Borgwardt (ETHZ)

Duration: 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2025 (36 months)
Award: CHF 5 Mio

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Swiss Personalized Oncology National Data Stream (SPO-NDS)

Main PIs: Prof. Dr. Olivier Michielin (CHUV) & Prof. Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller (ETHZ)

Duration: 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2025 (36 months)
Award: CHF 5 Mio

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SwissPedHealth 3

Pediatric personalized research network Switzerland (SwissPedHealth) – a Joint Pediatric National Data Stream

Main PIs: Prof. Dr. Luregn Schlapbach (University Children’s Hospital Zurich) & Prof. Dr. Julia Vogt (ETHZ)

Duration: 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2025 (36 months)
Award: CHF 5 Mio

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LUCID, Low Value of Care in Hospitalized Patients, a National Data Stream on Quality of Care in Swiss university hospitals

Main PIs: Dr. Marie Méan (CHUV) & Dr. Guillaume Obozinski (EPFL)

Duration: 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2025 (36 months)
Award: CHF 5 Mio

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Driver projects

Driver Projects are based in a concrete research field (e.g. oncology, immunology) and aim to push the development of clinical data management systems in all university hospitals by testing data interoperability and data sharing principles within the whole network.

The following Driver projects were funded in the Call for proposals 2018 and are still ongoing.

Lifetime Management Guidelines for Driver and Demonstrator projects (version 14.11.2022)


SACR: The Swiss Ageing Citizen Reference

Main PI: Prof. Nicole Probst Hensch (Swiss TPH)

Duration: 01.07.2019 - 30.06.2023
Award: CHF 1.48 Mio

Lay summary 


IMAGINE: Radiomics for comprehensive patient and disease phenotyping in personalized health

Main PI: Prof. Matthias Guckenberger (USZ)

Duration: 01.06.2019 - 31.05.2023
Award: CHF 1.48 Mio

Lay summary 


SOIN: Swiss Ophtalmic Imaging Network

Main PI: Prof. Thomas Wolfensberger (UniL/Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital)

Duration: 01.05.2019 - 31.07.2023
Award: CHF 1.46 Mio

Lay summary 


Swiss Heart Failure Network (SHFN)

Main PI: Prof. Christian Matter (UZH) & Prof. Joachim Buhmann (ETHZ)

Duration: 01.06.2019 - 31.5.2023
Award: CHF 1.48 Mio (co-funded by PHRT)

Lay summary 

Demonstrator projects

Demonstrator projects aim to demonstrate the added value of SPHN data resources and infrastructure elements for data-driven personalized health research, clinical and public health research, and clinical use.

Two types of projects are supported:

  • Projects that test the practical application of SPHN infrastructure components in medical research and/or expand their use in the network.
  • Projects that demonstrate the added value of SPHN-compliant data resources from university hospitals for personalized health research.

The following 11 projects will start their work in 2023. The lay summaries will be available upon project start (to be confirmed).

Lifetime Management Guidelines for Driver and Demonstrator projects (version 14.11.2022)


SwissPedDW - Swiss Pediatric Data Warehouse

Main PI: Prof. Christoph Berger (University Children’s Hospital Zurich, Kispi)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 385'700


Accelerating detection of neonatal sepsis (ADONIS): a machine learning-based approach

Main PI: Prof. Eric Giannoni (CHUV)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 489'150


RDeID: Risk-based de-identification platform for health-related data

Main PI: Dr. Jean Louis Raisaro (CHUV)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 396'000

t-MNs after cytotoxic treatment

Therapy-related myeloid neoplasms after cytotoxic treatment

Main PI: Dr. Sabine Blum (CHUV)

Duration: 18 month
Award: 260'000

Cohort Demonstrator

Cohort demonstrator: Full integration of a national cohort into the SPHN infrastructure

Main PI: Dr. Michael Koller (USB)

Duration: 12 month
Award: CHF 216'588



Main PI: Dr. Morgan Sangeux (University Children’s Hospital Basel, UKBB)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 248'780


SwissPedHealth – PReparing PERsonalizEd PEdiatRic PRimaRy caRE (PREPP)

Main PI: Prof. Jan Bonhoeffer (University Children’s Hospital Basel, UKBB)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 490'221


Using routine health care data to facilitate clinical cohort studies (SPHN-SPAC)

Main PI: Prof. Claudia Kuehni (University of Bern)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 406'250


SNOW: Swiss Network of Wearables 

Main PI: Solange Zoergiebel (CHUV)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 500'000


INFRA: INFection Radar

Main PI: Dr. Olga Endrich (Inselspital)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 495'000


Smart SNOMED Search for SPHN (S4)

Main PI: Prof. Christian Lovis (HUG/UniGE)

Duration: 18 month
Award: CHF 426'000

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