Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN)
Infrastructure building to enable nationwide use and exchange of health data for research

An initiative of the Swiss Government

The Swiss Personalized Health Network is a national initiative under the leadership of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS). In collaboration with the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics it contributes to the development, implementation and validation of coordinated data infrastructures in order to make health-relevant data interoperable and shareable for research in Switzerland. 

SPHN has adopted a federative approach by building upon – and supporting – existing data sources and infrastructures across the country. To make health data interoperable and accessible for research, SPHN rallies all decision-makers from key clinical, research-, research support institutions and patient organizations around the same table.

See the Governance Structure.

Read the SPHN Factheet.


SPHN Connector: Public release of our open-source tool

The new release represents a major step forward in simplifying the process of connecting hospitals to the SPHN network and empowering them with enhanced transformation capabilities. Read more…

SPHN Factsheet 2023

The new factsheet illustrates the important hub function of the SPHN Data Coordination Center in the developing Swiss Health Data Space. It further provides an overview of the SPHN key elements that have been established over the past years to make health data FAIR and usable for Swiss research and beyond. Read more...

Susanne Driessen elected as new ELSIag chair - farewell and thank you Effy!

SPHN welcomes Susanne Driessen as new chair of the SPHN ELSI advisory group. She succeeds Effy Vayena, who has been instrumental for laying the ethical foundations of the initiative. Read more…

Report on the consolidation of SPHN infrastructures

SPHN has published a new Academies report. It describes the requirements for a sustainable continuation of the SPHN data infrastructures and of the coordination work after the end of the initiative in 2024. It further summarizes the expectations and needs of the Swiss research community towards the future SPHN-DCC. Read more…

Response of SPHN and SAMS to the recommendations of SSC

SPHN and SAMS published a reply to the statement of the Swiss Science Council (SSC) on the ERI-Dispatch 2025-2028. Read more (German, French)…


Key events and training in the realm of the Swiss Personalized Health Network:

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