Switzerland’s secure IT network for the responsible processing of health-related data

Connecting researchers from across Switzerland with biomedical data to foster personalized health: this is the aim of the national secure computing network BioMedIT, setup by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, in collaboration with ETH Zurich and University of Basel, as part of the SPHN initiative.

BioMedIT provides a secure platform for research with sensitive data without compromising on patient privacy – available for all researchers in Switzerland, also beyond SPHN.

The platform spans three major Swiss research institutions (ETH Zurich and University of Basel, and the University of Lausanne and SIB), employing modern cloud technology and cutting-edge security procedures. Central BioMedIT services and tools enable secure (end-to-end encrypted) data transfers from data providers such as hospitals and research organizations into the platform, where it can be safely accessed by Swiss researchers from all academic research institutions.

The fundamental service offered by BioMedIT is provision of BioMedIT secure research project spaces (B-spaces): specialized virtual environments for collecting, storing, analyzing and learning from health-related data at one of the three BioMedIT nodes.

Visit for details and watch the introduction video, or contact BioMedIT.

BioMedIT is managed by SIB’s Personalized Health Informatics Group in association with the BioMedIT nodes, sciCORE (University of Basel), SIS (ETH Zurich) and SENSA (SIB).

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