SPHN funding to support the roll-out of nationwide infrastructures

The SPHN initiative supports the development and implementation of coordinated infrastructures based on a 3-pillar funding strategy:

1. Top-down funding

2. Bottom-up funding

Selection of projects through competitive Calls for Proposals to lead the development of infrastructures and test it with concrete research projects.
In 2017 and 2018, two SPHN Calls for Proposals were organized in close coordination with the Strategic Focus Area 'Personalized Health and Related Technologies' (PHRT) of the ETH Domain. Selected from a total of 76 proposals requesting CHF 90.4 million, SPHN funded 24 projects (incl. 6 co-funded by PHRT) for a total amount of CHF 25.3 million.
In 2021, SPHN and PHRT have launched a joint call for "National Data Streams". NDS are multidisciplinary consortial research infrastructures (platforms) involving a national network of clinical and science/engineering partners. NDS that build on pre-existing infrastructures and data sets are preferred, should encompass clinical as well as analytical data (e.g., multi-omics), and include a lighthouse research project.

3. IT infrastructure networks

A project of SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, the secure and cutting-edge IT environment BioMedIT is established nationally to support computational, biomedical research and clinical bioinformatics, ensuring data privacy.

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