Grant Documents and Guidelines

This pages contains documents and information for SPHN grantees (only related to 2017-2018 calls for proposals) .

1. Getting Started

  1. Lifetime Management Guidelines: please read the Guidelines carefully as well as the conditions outlined in the Decision letter.
  2. Conditions outlined in the Decision letter: if the submission of a revised budget was requested, please resubmit Part C and the Excel sheet. If the revision of the budget impacts the content of the proposal, please resubmit Part B as well.
  3. Lay summary template: prior to the release of funds, a lay summary needs to be submitted in English and one of the national languages of Switzerland. The lay summary will be published on the SPHN website.
  4. Start date: please note that the project should start no later than 12 month after the date of the approval letter and should start at a beginning of a month.
  5. Fund Release Form: Once all requirements have been met, please fill in and return a signed Fund Release Form to the Alternatively, your institution can also issue an invoice.

2. Annual Reporting

The reporting requirements and responsibilites are described in the Lifetime Management Guidelines. All projects must submit an activity report and a financial report on an annual basis. Projects that last 12 month only have to submit one activity report at the end of the project.

2.1 Activity Report
2.2 Financial Report

FAQ Reporting

A project specific financial report file is provided by the Management Office to each Main Applicant.

3. Other documents

Legal Agreements

Cost-neutral extension

Projects can be extended for a maximum duration of 12 months. As an update on the status of the project is requested, it is better to submit the extension at the same time as the annual reporting is due. If this is not possible, it should be submitted as soon as possible given that the NSB Ausschuss only meets 4 times per year.

SPHN endorsement element

A visual SPHN endorsement element can be added to each SPHN funded project logo to enhance/position the SPHN connection and visibility of your research projects. This is not mandatory but available for SPHN funded projects.

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