Collaboration Agreements with Swiss University Hospitals

The Infrastructure Implementation Projects (funded through Collaboration Agreements) aim at developing the core infrastructure which is required to make health-related data interoperable and shareable at the national level. Building compatible clinical data management systems in research-based health institutions is a prerequisite for the success of the initiative.

One goal of the first SPHN funding period (2017-2020) is to support the five Swiss University Hospitals with the development of such data management systems. To this end, each institution receives a contribution of CHF 3 million over a period of three years, provided that specific milestones are reached (see examples below).

The milestones were defined by a working group that included delegates from the five University Hospitals as well as representatives from SPHN and SAMS.

A corresponding Collaboration Agreement was concluded at the end of 2017 with all five University Hospitals. With this common agreement, the five participating institutions have sent a strong signal to support the SPHN initiative.

Examples of Technical Milestones defined in the Collaboration Agreements

Consent Management and Legal Framework

e.g. the University Hospital (UH) has implemented a formal and documented process to continuously increase the proportion of patients who are informed about the existence of a "general consent" or a harmonized consent (if available).

Definition of Data Interoperability Standards

e.g. the University Hospital provides a unique patient centered deidentified ID according to the Human Research Act (HRA).

e.g. during the contract year preceding the milestone, the University Hospital must technically be able to provide data in an encoded shareable way according to agreed data strategy and to the applicable law;

e.g. during the contract year preceding the milestone, the UH must have participated in the development of deduplication mechanisms with SPHN.

Clinical Research Data Management  at Hospitals

e.g. after the third contract year, the University Hospital has implemented SPHN data encoding and resources transcoding for clinical research data.

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