Background DocumentsELSIag Mandate (Version: 09.09.2016)background-documents
Background DocumentsIAB Mandate (Version: 01.03.2017)background-documents
Position PaperSDSC Collaboration (position paper)position-paper
Position PaperSAMS Position Paper Personalized Medicine 2012position-paper
Fact-SheetsSPHN Factsheet 2019fact-sheets
Fact-SheetsSPHN Flyer 2018fact-sheets
ReportsSPHN Short report 2017reports
Background DocumentsSAMS Bulletin on SPHN 01/2016 (DE)background-documents
NewslettersSAMS NL: First call for proposals (16.6.2017)newsletters
NewslettersSAMS NL: SPHN supports 15 projects (24.11.2017)newsletters
NewslettersSAMS NL: A strong signal from the University Hospitals (30.1.2018)newsletters
ReportsSPHN Short report 2018reports
Background DocumentsCall for Candidature – SPHN National Advisory Boardbackground-documents
Reports2019 Review Report International Advisory Boardreports
ReportsSPHN Short report 2019reports
Data interoperability, Fact-SheetsRDF Fact Sheetdata-interoperability fact-sheets
Background Documents, Fact-Sheets, Reports, SPHN ReviewSPHN Fact-Sheet 2020background-documents fact-sheets reports sphn-review
ReportsSAMS Reports Series, NSB Report 2016-19reports
Data interoperabilityL4CHLAB Documentationdata-interoperability
FrameworksZusatzprotokoll 2017-2020frameworks
FrameworksZusatzprotokoll 2021-2024frameworks
Guidelines and TemplatesSPHN Data Management Plan (DMP) Guidelines_V1guidelines-and-templates
Background DocumentsMaking Swiss cohort data better findable: 2nd Call for letters of intentbackground-documents
ReportsSPHN Short Report 2021reports
Data interoperability, Guidelines and TemplatesData de-identification – Recommended phased approachdata-interoperability guidelines-and-templates
Background Documents, Data interoperability, Fact-Sheets, FQSSPHN Fact-Sheet 2022background-documents data-interoperability fact-sheets fqs
Background DocumentsCompensation Regulations (29.04.2022)background-documents
Data interoperability, Fact-SheetsFact Sheet Semantic Strategy 2022data-interoperability fact-sheets
PostersAn ethical and legal framework for a responsible sharing and use of health data in multi-center research projectsposters
PostersBuilding an innovative, sustainable and expandable data provider architecture that generates additional value for biomedical researchposters
ReportsSPHN Short Report 2022reports
PostersMaking health data FAIR in Switzerland – Biocuration Conference 2023posters
ReportsIAB meeting 2022 – Summary reportreports
ReportsSPHN Short Report 2023reports
Background Documents, ReportsSwiss Academies Communications Report; The SPHN Data Coorindation Center (SPHN-DCC)background-documents reports
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