SPHN Connector: Public release of our open-source tool 

We are happy to announce the public release of the SPHN Connector version 1.3.0 - a significant milestone in our mission to facilitate seamless data integration within the SPHN ecosystem. This release represents a major step forward in simplifying the process of connecting hospitals and other data providers to the SPHN network and empowering them with enhanced transformation capabilities. 


Key Features in Our SPHN Connector: 

  1. Simplified Hospital Onboarding: The SPHN Connector is now available for use by all data-providing institutions. This release marks the first step in our journey to simplify the onboarding process, allowing hospitals to join the SPHN ecosystem with limited efforts. 
  2. Effortless RDF Data Generation: The SPHN Connector enables the creation of valid RDF representations from relational and semantically described data found in hospital data platforms. This capability streamlines the integration of diverse data sources into the SPHN network. 
  3. Automated Ingestion Interface: We are introducing an automated ingestion interface generation feature. This functionality takes the RDF Schema and automatically generates an intuitive ingestion interface in various formats, including CSV, tables, or JSON structures. 
  4. Data De-identification: As part of the data transformation process, the SPHN Connector now includes a feature for project-specific ID generation and timeshifting. With a memory function, the SPHN Connector will apply the same ID and timeshift to the same patient in the same project at a later time point. 
  5. Robust Quality Control: The SPHN Connector takes data quality to the next level with automatic quality control (QC) rules generated from the RDF schema. These QC rules ensure data adherence to schema specifications and defined standards. 
  6. Comprehensive Statistical Insights: In addition to QC rules, the SPHN Connector automatically generates queries for statistics from the RDF schema. This empowers data providers to gain deep insights into their data, facilitating content-related quality control. 


SPHN Connector version 1.3.0 marks a historic moment as we make our tooling available to the open-source community. We invite data-providing institutions, hospitals, and organizations to join us in our journey toward simplifying data integration, improving data quality, and advancing the SPHN ecosystem's efficiency. 

With this release, we embark on a mission to transform how hospitals connect and contribute to the SPHN network. Upgrade to SPHN Connector 1.3.0 and be part of this pioneering effort to enhance health data interoperability within the SPHN. 




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