SPHN Factsheet 2023

The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) coordinates the development of an infrastructure for the responsible use of health-related data for research throughout Switzerland. The new factsheet illustrates the important hub function of the Data Coordination Center (SPHN-DCC) for an efficient reuse of data. It further shows the resources that SPHN provides for this purpose.

The factsheet 2023 provides an overview of the SPHN key elements that have been established over the past years to make health-related data FAIR and usable for Swiss research and beyond. It outlines the baseline situation regarding health data management in Switzerland, as well as the challenges and hurdles associated with the primary and secondary use of these data.

The recently published report on the consolidation of SPHN infrastructures beyond 2024 shows the many interfaces of the SPHN-DCC with partners from research, health care and administration. Together, these partners form a dynamic network that includes both academia and health care. The factsheet complements the report by illustrating the central hub function of the future SPHN-DCC in the evolving national health data space. It also highlights SPHN’s essential contributions in terms of data infrastructures, interoperability, governance, and process optimization.

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