SPHN as ICPerMed Best Practice example in Personalised Medicine

21 February 2022

Successful approaches for personalised medicine are becoming a reality. To show this, the International Consortium for Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) features best practice examples. These are suggested by ICPerMed members and approved by ICPerMed. SPHN is since 2017 full member of ICPerMed and was recently featured as Best Practice example.

The best practice examples cover different aspects of the value chain. In particular, two different types of best practice examples are featured:

  1. Successful translation of personalised medicine research into an added value for the patient.
  2. Policy making and impact analysis for personalised medicine research.

Some of the featured examples were also presented at the ICPerMed conference “Personalised Medicine in Action” 2018. You can find the presentations and video recordings here.

Have a look at additional ICPerMed Best Practice examples on the ICPerMed page here.

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