Guidelines for the creation of a Data Management Plan

21 December 2021

A solid data management plan over the entire project life cycle is essential for the development of FAIR research data. This includes data collection and documentation, ethics, legal and security issues, data storage and preservation, as well as data sharing and reuse.

SIB's Personalized Health Informatics group has developed an SPHN guide to help researchers create a data management plan (DMP) as required by most funding agencies. The guidelines are particularly directed at researchers working with sensitive health-related data and are aligned with the guidelines issued by the SNSF. The document offers general recommendations for the use of sensitive data to help researchers to plan the entire life cycle of their data, with particular focus on SPHN-funded projects using health-related data for research purposes and data processing on the BioMedIT infrastructure. The guidelines provide a comprehensive and understandable description of the SPHN and BioMedIT standards and services that enable secure and FAIR data management and play an important role in the development of a DMP.

The SPHN Data Management Plan Guidelines can be downloaded here.

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