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1 October 2021

Swiss cohorts house high-quality and cost-intensive data collections which see their value often hindered by a lack of visibility. As part of its commitment towards a FAIR and sustainable use of health data, the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) started a collaboration with Maelstrom Research to enables Swiss cohort studies to integrate their metadata in the internationally renowned Maelstrom catalogue.

After a successful pilot phase that saw the integration of five cohorts and over 60,000 study variables into the Maelstrom catalogue, SPHN launched an open call in June 2021 addressed to Swiss cohorts interested in joining in this endeavour. After a careful evaluation, five proposals were ultimately selected:

  • Swiss Transplant Cohort Study (STCS)
  • Lausanne Cohort 65+ (Lc65+)
  • Swiss Inflammatory Bowel Disease Cohort Study (SIBDCS)
  • Swiss Systemic lupus erythematosus Cohort Study (SSCS)
  • Swiss Clinical Quality Management in Rheumatic Diseases (SCQM)

The cohorts will be accompanied by the SPHN Data Coordination Center (DCC) during the entire process of metadata integration into the SPHN Network on the catalogue. The costs incurred by the integration of the study descriptions to Maelstrom and the annotation of the study variables are covered by SPHN.

We also extend our thanks for the fruitful collaboration with the PIs and collaborators of the five cohorts studies included in the pilot phase:
- Cohorte Lausannoise (CoLaus)
- The Psychiatric arm of the population-based CoLaus study (PsyCoLaus)
- Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SHCS)
- Swiss Kidney Project on Genes in Hypertension (SKIPOGH)
- Swiss Cohort Study on Air Pollution, Lung & Heart Diseases (SAPALDIA)

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