New Publication: Report from the National Steering Board 2016 – 2019

The report of the National Steering Board, published in the Swiss Academies Reports series, presents the many infrastructures, technologies and methods that SPHN and its partners have developed since the launch of the initiative to enable research with large amounts of sensitive data in a responsible, ethical, secure and legally compliant manner.

One of the most important achievements of the first phase of the initiative is the in-depth analysis of the systemic challenges and complexity of data-driven health research in the Swiss federalist system. On that basis, solutions were developed with the aim to establish a sustainable research ecosystem for personalized health.
The integration of data from clinical routine, the consolidation and long-term financing of SPHN infrastructures, the implementation of harmonized standards, processes and principles for secure data exchange and the demonstration of the infrastructures value through scientific lighthouse projects will be the focus of the second funding period 2021 – 2024, which was secured by the Confederation with CHF 67 million. The expected gains are significant: data driven health research has the potential to transform the healthcare system towards greater quality, efficiency and adaptability. Realizing this vision will also depend on society's willingness to share health data within a transparently regulated framework, and will require a responsible approach of these issues.

The report can also be ordered free of charge as hard copy on the SAMS website.

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