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Semantic Standards

Training delivered by: PHI Data Interoperability Team

Date: 18.08.2021

Semantic standards gain importance when it comes to FAIR data sharing for research in Personalized Medicine and beyond. The training offers an insight into the most important clinical semantic standards that are relevant in Switzerland or internationally. Advantages, disadvantages and differences between the standards are highlighted and illustrated with practical examples. After the training you will be able to distinguish between classifications and ontologies and know the basics of CHOP, ATC, ICD-10, SNOMED CT and LOINC, and their area of application.

Training Contents (with time stamps):

  1. Semantic Standards Introduction (01:58)
  2. ATC (05:14)
  3. CHOP (11:35)
  4. ICD (14:26)
  5. SNOMED CT (17:50)
  6. LOINC (29:23)
  7. Summary (38:12)

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