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Expanding the SPHN RDF Schema

Training delivered by: PHI FAIR Data Team 

SPHN projects are enabled to extend the SPHN Dataset and its related RDF schema to fit the needs of the project. In this training, we highlight the different steps to undertake for extending the SPHN RDF schema with an example concept (Fluid Balance), using Protégé, a desktop-tool for editing ontologies. 

Training Contents (with time stamps): 

  1.  Protégé tool introduction (00:36) 
  2. SPHN strategy for projects ontology (01:33) 
  3. Template ontology loading in Protégé (02:13) 
  4. Update metadata of the template ontology (05:18) 
  5. Save the project ontology in Protégé (10:48) 
  6. Create project root class and properties (12:22) 
  7. New concept in a project ontology: example of Fluid Balance (19:39) 
  8. Add a project specific class (24:15) 
  9. Add a meaning binding to a class (26:08) 
  10. Add a project specific object property (28:54) 
  11. Add a project specific data property (35:47) 
  12. Add multiple ranges to a property (42:15) 
  13. Summary (47:13) 

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