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SPHN Dataset Template: build an RDF schema from an Excel file

Training delivered by Dr. Vasundra Touré, PHI FAIR Data Team

The SPHN Dataset Template enables SPHN projects to write in an Excel file the additional semantic information missing in the SPHN Dataset but that is needed for the project. Once the Dataset Template is filled with project information, it becomes the project-specific Dataset.

The SPHN Schema Forge is a web service that takes as input a SPHN-compliant Excel file, built with specific conventions, and generates automatically:

  • A SPHN RDF Schema
  • A list of SHACL rules complying to the schema
  • A list of SPARQL queries
  • A human-readable HTML Visualization of the schema.

If the project-specific Dataset is constructed in a way that it complies with the expected input of the SPHN Schema Forge web service, a project data manager can simply give the Excel to the SPHN Schema Forge to obtain a project-specific RDF Schema.

Therefore, with the SPHN Dataset Template and the SPHN Schema Forge, the workload on  projects in learning and understanding RDF and its related applications is significantly reduced.

In this training, you will learn how to fill the SPHN Dataset Template in order to build a project-specific Dataset that can be passed onto the SPHN Schema Forge for generating a project-specific RDF Schema.

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More resources are available on this training's GitLab space.

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