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RDF Schema and Data Visualization

Training delivered by: PHI FAIR Data Team 

In this training, SPHN projects are enabled to explore and visualize data conforming to the SPHN ontology. To that end, we demonstrate how to load SPHN ontology and mock-data into GraphDB, and how to use the built in Visual Graph functionality to explore and visualize SPHN ontology and mock-data.

Training Contents (with time stamps):

  1. Mock-data overview (01:08)
  2. Loading SPHN ontology and mock data into GraphDB (03:02)
  3. Visualization tasks and techniques (07:58)
  4. Exploring/visualizing ontology and data with GraphDB (09:55)
  5. The process of Querying and aggregating data for visualization (19:31)
  6. GraphDB example (21:37)
  7. Further Information (23:29)

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