Workshop 'Share without Sharing'

4 November 2021 | Basel Congress Center, Basel

With the modern-day explosion of health data, we are witnessing a fast-rising number of disconnected solutions, data silos, and varying opinions on how to best integrate the oceans of information. There are evolving discussions at societal level on what is considered acceptable regarding how these data should be used. Even if the discussions are productive, it is still questioned whether we have practical and robust technologies to enable those ambitions. Are technology developers keeping track of what the society will accept? Or are they trying to chase the mythical unicorn of health-data solutions - that is pure and perfect, but unattainable?

The workshop provides a platform for health-data stakeholders to:

  • discuss the practical aspects of privacy-preserving distributed computing;
  • review the types of problems that can be addressed;
  • assert and challenge expert opinions;
  • discuss existing solutions where applicable.

Emphasis will be placed on the 'perception' of patient privacy and the means of quantifying its preservation, with minimal impact on data useability.

The interactive program will tackle the basics and promises of federated learning, as well as the complexities of this quickly growing field and the challenges it faces. The thought-stimulating talks and panel discussions will cover innovative areas such as technology transfer into real-life application, legal and value considerations, and the relevance of performance benchmarking of the solutions offered.

More information and registration:

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