2021 DQBM Founding Symposium: Frontiers in Biomedical Research

On the occasion of the founding of our new Department of Quantitative Biomedicine (DQBM) at the University of Zurich, we are organizing a one-day symposium on 29 November 2021.

The DQBM's mission is to foster research and education at the interface of biomedical research, biotechnology, and computational biology across disciplines including cancer research, neurobiology, medical informatics and microbiology, to develop the foundations of next generation Precision Medicine. As a new institute, we seek to connect with the Precision Medicine community in Switzerland and beyond. To achieve this, our symposium will bring together leading international experts in our disciplines from academia and industry.

The 2020 DQBM Founding Symposium is an international event, open to all students and scientists in Switzerland and abroad with -200 expected participants. By providing an exciting forum to disseminate the latest developments in Precision Medicine, this symposium will elucidate frontiers in this research field and intends to strengthen scientific exchange within the Swiss Precision Medicine community. Additional aims of the 2020 DQBM Founding Symposium are to advertise and disseminate DQBM's research and mission, and to stimulate new interdisciplinary research collaborations within the wider Precision Medicine community.

More information here.

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