Looking back, looking ahead: Interview with Katrin Crameri and Thomas Geiger

27 June 2024

Many people contribute to the success of a national initiative like SPHN. In the two core teams in the SPHN Management Office at the SAMS and in the Data Coordination Centre (DCC) at the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, two persons shaped developments significantly in recent years:  Thomas Geiger, managing director of SPHN, and Katrin Crameri, former director of the DCC.

After 5 years in this position, Katrin Crameri moved to the Swiss Federal Administration to take over the management of the DigiSanté program. In an interview in the latest SAMS bulletin 2/2024, she looks back and ahead together with Thomas Geiger. The interview and the bulletin can be downloaded and read in German and French on the SAMS website under this link.

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