Save the Date: 2nd Joint Personalized Health Day

The 2nd Personalized Health Day aims to make the achievements of SPHN and the ETH Strategic Focus Area «Personalized Health and Related Technologies» (PHRT) more visible, sensitize the community about the requirements for developing a sustainable data-driven health data ecosystem enabling personalized health research, foster interdisciplinary collaboration across domains/communities, and discuss the remaining gaps and challenges for the future.

This day is a follow-up to the first Joint Personalized Health Day, co-organized by SPHN and PHRT on 23 March 2018. Since then, both initiatives have made significant achievements towards their individual, yet highly complementary goals, which are (for SPHN) to make health-related data shareable and usable for personalized health research in Switzerland, and (for PHRT) to improve personalized medicine approaches by translating scientific findings into clinical applications.

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, 24 August 2022, Bern

More information on the program, location and registration will follow soon.

We look forward to meeting you in person again!

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