Call for candidatures: Election to become a member of the SPHN National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board (NAB) is a consulting body of the Swiss Personalized Health Network Initiative (SPHN) with the following mandate:

  1. Infrastructure Roadmap: Provide advice on health research infrastructure development to the National Steering Board (NSB), the Data Coordination Center (DCC), and the BioMedIT Board, similar as the ELSI advisory group does for ethical aspects of the initiative and the HIT-STAG for IT architecture related to university hospitals;
  2. National SPHN Landscape: Coordinate, examine and address issues related to health research infrastructures and their operations. Contribute to national efforts of harmonization of research infrastructures. Identify and report issues to the NSB, HIT-STAG, DCC and/or to the BioMedIT Board;
  3. Gap Analysis: Identify gaps and areas with need for action in close collaboration with the SPHN Driver projects, infrastructure providers, HIT-STAG, and working groups of the DCC;
  4. Mandated SPHN Working Groups: Formulate mandates for solving those issues by bespoke expert working groups. Monitor the establishment, progress and timely elaboration of the mandate deliveries of the working groups;
  5. International Benchmark: Contextualize SPHN efforts within the international landscape. Evaluate new technologies, standards, and processes resulting out of SPHN projects or international efforts and make recommendations regarding their endorsement and implementation in the SPHN ecosystem.

To extend the scope of the National Advisory Board, SPHN is looking for experts in the following domains:

  1. Data analytics (scientific expert in advanced statistics or AI/ML approaches applied to clinical data related to personalized health research)
  2. *omics data (scientific expert in genomics, proteomics, or metabolomics data analysis related to personalized health research)

Candidates shall have the experience and insight to identify strategically relevant issues within SPHN, and the competences to steer and coordinate the different ad-hoc Working Groups responsible for tackling specific mandates. Candidates should thus be strongly involved and be able to dedicate time and commitment to the work of the Board and the overall initiative. Members will be appointed to office for a term of four years and may be reappointed. Members from all SPHN partner institutions are eligible to apply.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their application, including a motivation letter, a CV, a declaration of interests, and list of publications to the SPHN Management Office by e-mail ( until 15 May 2021.

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