Legal agreement templates for collaborative research projects

The contractual architecture for a collaborative use of health-related data depends on the project specifications and responsibilities of the parties involved. The new, modular set of legal agreement templates – elaborated by SIB for SPHN, in collaboration with Swiss data providers and data recipients – build on the SPHN DTUA (version 1.0) developed in 2019, and establish the contractual framework necessary to conduct a multicenter research project involving the exchange of health-related data. These agreements settle the important issues that need to be legally addressed and define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of all parties involved. For projects running over the BioMedIT network infrastructure, the templates also provide for controller-processor amendments.

The templates can be downloaded from our website (click here). The Personalized Health Informatics (PHI) Group can provide essential help in choosing the right document and creating a first draft according to the needs of the respective institutional legal departments. Please contact them (click here) for guidance and support.

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