First SPHN training on Data Privacy and IT Security

Access to patient data for research has great potential for making biomedical discoveries. At the same time, protecting individuals’ privacy is a critical obligation for biomedical research professionals.

ETH Zürich: Heinz Stockinger (SIB) and Diana Coman Schmid (SIS) presented the first SPHN training course on Data Privacy and IT Security.   Mandated and supported by the SPHN Data Coordination Centre (DCC), this training elaborates on what should be done in practice to protect the patient privacy when performing biomedical research. The participants learned about their data protection responsibilities, current regulations, the significance of patient informed consent and the cyber security traps to be aware of as a user.

This pilot was instrumental for collecting feedback from participants to make sure the content meets the needs and expectations for the upcoming SPHN trainings on Data Privacy and IT Security training. Passing a test and obtaining a certification will be mandatory for all users accessing BioMedIT nodes.

We are very grateful for the constructive feedback from the participants and would like to send a big Thank You to the instructors, Diana and Heinz.

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