Swiss Public Health Conference 2023

12 - 13 September 2023, Lausanne

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Public health and primary care: stronger together

Where do we need to position primary care within the health care system? What are the economic implications of a shift from inpatient to more and more outpatient care? How can we use digitalisation in primary care and how can we implement scientific findings within the primary health care system?

The primary care system constantly faces new challenges. The rapidly changing health needs of the population, the growing proportion of older people and the associated increase in chronic and multiple diseases, as well as socio-economic inequalities, are some of the main hurdles for health care.  Health care providers and policy makers need to regularly adjust their approach to primary care. In order to maintain the health of the population, while at the same time expanding treatment options and controlling costs, public resources must be used efficiently.

At the Swiss Public Health Conference 2023, scientists and hands-on experts come together to discuss multidisciplinary approaches in primary care, the use of digital media, such as the electronic patient record, and how research results can be implemented to promote healthy behaviour in the population. At the same time, we will take a look at the legal possibilities and political ways of contributing to a healthy society.

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