SCTO Symposium 2023 

7 June 2023, Pfalzkeller | Klosterhof | 9000 St Gallen

Clinical research in the age of digital health

Digital health is one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare sector. And the national and international forecasts predict continued growth. Health apps, electronic patient records, and surgical robots are already part of our lives. So at first glance, digital health seems to be mainly about technology, algorithms, and data. Yet along with providing exciting new possibilities, digital health also comes with challenges and potential risks.

This year’s SCTO Symposium will take a look behind the scenes from a clinical research perspective and will host discussions based on practical examples of digital health applications in clinical research projects. We will point out challenges as well as legal and ethical aspects that have to be taken into consideration. We invite you to join us in an open, honest, multilayered, and nuanced dialogue with all our stakeholders.

More information about the symposium and registration link:

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