Digital Brown Bag Event September


The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is committed to excellence in data science to advance biological and medical research and enhance health. In the framework of the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN), the Personalized Health Informatics group of SIB together with Trivadis, works towards the ultimate goal to make Switzerland become a leader in health and biomedical science.

Sabine Österle from SIB and Philip Krauss from Trivadis will give you an insight on how they’re building a sustainable, personalized medicine ecosystem on behalf of Knowledge Graphs – which means to link data wisely and use it in a completely new way, making it available for national research purposes. They’ll also explain, what “transforming data into knowledge” means in detail and how it feels to be working on some very important milestones for health-related research in Switzerland.

This webinar is not only addressing audiences in Healthcare and Life Science but everyone who’s interested in learning more about the purpose and possible usage of Knowledge Graphs.

You have no idea what a Knowledge Graph is or what it can be used for? Then this is the right webinar for you. You already have first experiences with Knowledge Graphs or you are thinking about using this technology? Then you should also participate in this webinar.

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