SwissPKcdw: Optimising pediatric dosage regimens based on a clinical data warehouse

Presenter: Dr. med. Paolo Paioni - UZH - Kispi

To enhance access to clinical data from a high number of paediatric patients seen at the hospitals, the project will establish a clinical data warehouse (CDW). It will collect drug plasma concentrations from routine drug monitoring and clinical trials of paediatric patients together with clinical and prescription data as well as genetic information. CDW data are transferred to be analysed and shared on a connected platform. This data is essential to establish mathematic modelling, to eventually mirror the physiological processes that affect the drug in the developing and growing body of a child (pharmacokinetics). With this so-called pharmacokinetic modelling, dosage regimens for children can be optimised.

Date: Wednesday, 8 July 2020
Time: 11:00 – 12:00
Invitation & Abstract: will be sent end of June 2020
Attendance: either on-line or in the auditorium - subject to registration.
Venue: Hörsaal 2, Pharmacenter, Klingelbergstrasse 50, 4056 Basel
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