SVIP - Update on the Swiss Variant Interpretation Platform

Presenters: Valérie Barbié, SIB Group Leader, Clinical Bioinformatics, and Daniel Stekhoven, Head Clinical Bioinformatics, ETH Zurich.

About this Webinar: SVIP-O aims to set up a single place for genetic mutations in cancer identified from Swiss hospitals patients.This curated database will enable clinicians to base their diagnoses on the same harmonized high-quality information, exchange among themselves on potential treatments, and get notified on changes in annotation. The goal of SVIP-O is to harmonize and facilitate diagnostics in cancer across Swiss hospitals. We will reach this by collecting variants in one single place, agreeing on a joint way of assigning importance and clinical relevance to them, and having an intuitive tool for the clinicians to access and interact with the information.

Watch the previous SVIP-O Seminar from February 2019 (click here).

Date of recording: 05 May 2021

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