IMAGINE – Radiomics for comprehensive patient and disease phenotyping in personalized health

Early personalized health initiatives and projects have frequently focused on biological sample-based disease phenotyping. However, environmental factors are known to attenuate the association between the patients` genetic background and outcome. Consequently, the need for analysis of “downstream” phenotypes has been recognized and has become a strong field of research within personalized health. In this context, multi-modal medical imaging is an important source of phenotype information and plays a prominent role in the diagnosis, staging, and treatment response monitoring. Despite the fact that imaging is standard practice to characterize the patient individual disease and to estimate patient individual outcome, the incorporation of medical images into personalized health has been blocked by the current standard practice of image analysis: image analysis is mostly a manual process resulting in predominantly qualitative image characterization. To unlock the full potential of medical images for personalized health, quantitative image characterization (Radiomics) has become a highly promising field of research.

In this driver project, we propose an initiative to build a Swiss-wide infrastructure for image-based biomarker research & analysis. We will standardize imaging, image analysis and image-based outcome modelling to evaluate the value of MR images acquired in clinical routine as prognostic and predictive biomarker in patients treated for Glioblastoma multiforme. We hypothesize that radiomic biomarkers will improve outcome modelling and improve selection of the most appropriate patient-individual treatment strategy



  • Prof. Matthias Guckenberger, Director, Radio-oncology Department, University Hospital Zurich
  • Dr. Stephanie Tanadini-Lang, Group leader Clinical Medical Physics, University of Zurich
  • Dr. Michael Bach, University Hospital Basel
  • Prof. Andrea Bink, Senior Physician, Neuroradiology Clinic, University Hospital Zurich
  • Prof. Roland Wiest, Group Leader Support Center for Advanced Neuroimaging, Univeristy of Bern, University Hospital Inselspital Bern
  • Prof. Mauricio Reyes, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Bern, University Hospital Inselspital Bern
  • Prof. Adrien Depeursinge, Institute of Information Systems, HES-SO


Date of recording: Wednesday, 7 October 2020
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