FAIRification: the will, the implementation, the empowerment.

Presenter: Marco Roos, Associate Professor, Group Leader, Biosemantics, Human Genetics Department, Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), and NĂºria Queralt-Rosinach, Biosemantics, Human Genetics Department, LUMC.


About this Webinar:

In this webinar Marco presents results from the journey towards implementing the FAIR principles. He discusses how FAIR is changing how biomedical data can be used for the benefit of citizens living with disease conditions.

Timely, reliable and robust data analytics are essential to make precise predictions for effective interventions of both personalized medicine and public health. The importance of efficient use and reuse of biomedical data across institutes and countries has been exemplified by the Covid-19 pandemic. It was already a priority for people living with rare conditions, aware that their data are sparse, distributed, and sensitive. With current technology data should be ready at source for computational multi-source analysis, removing months of effort spent on data preparation for each analysis. The definition of the primary principles that data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable for humans and machines (FAIR) now marks a turning point in how we think globally about health-related research data management to make a faster impact to society. The next challenge is implementation, and then reaching a critical mass of FAIR data to fully exploit the benefits. Our investigations into how to implement the principles has led us to address 5 main aspects: the FAIRification process, technical services (software and knowledge representation), aligning with infrastructure, training, and FAIR project management. Fostering digital culture change may be our biggest challenge ahead. Marco would like to raise discussion on where change may come from and how we can foster that, and how the research landscape will be changed and empowered by FAIR data ecosystems for federated discovery across countries.

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Date: 08 December 2021

Time: 11-12:00

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