CREATE PRIMA – clinical research from multi-modality big data sources

CREATE PRIMA - Clinical Research from multi-modality big data sources without proprietary interfaces in a multicenter approach

Presenter: Prof. Dr. med. Jörg D. Leuppi, Head of the University Clinic of Medicine, Cantonal Hospital Basel-Land

About this Project: The CREATE system is an innovative approach to the management of complex, unstructured data. The project will enable interoperability between systems and organizations and exchange of nationwide routine clinical data which will be accessible for research.

Thanks to new mathematical and computer-aided methods, unlimited amounts of individual patient data can be analyzed. This development has encouraged personalized approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of disease in recent years. Despite great opportunities linked with the concept of personalized health care, a limiting factor is the collation of clinical data in a format that can be harmonized with other data, such as the results of genetic and other laboratory tests used in large-scale data analyses. In addition, numerous attempts to link data between different hospitals and institutions have proven to be extremely complicated. To enable interoperability between systems and organizations and to make routine clinical data accessible for research, we have developed the "Clinical REsearch from multi-modality big dATa sourcEs (CREATE)" system.

The attractiveness of the CREATE architecture is that data are not copied or moved. Data always remain in their secure policy space. Searches and algorithms are applied to the data. Expensive interfaces are drastically reduced, if not completely abolished. Moreover, the system ensures highest-level data security through secure transmission technology, encryption and automated anonymization, depersonalization based on best-in-class solutions from the Swiss health care sector.

Date: 02 December 2020

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

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